Snow Need to Know

All state-owned roads are plowed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).  Streets in neighborhoods such as ours are plowed by VDOT after all the state highways and main roads have been plowed.  State-owned roads in the community would include Newington Forest Ave., Southrun Rd., all single-family detached home streets, and some feeder streets leading to the townhouse courts such as Curving Creek Ct., Grandview Ct. and Burning Forest Ct., up to the cul-de-sacs.  If you have a question or concern about plowing on a state road you can contact VDOT at 703-383-8368.

Townhouse courts are the responsibility of the Association.  Plowing begins when snow accumulations reach approximately 2”.  Initial plowing efforts will concentrate on clearing court entrances and exits and providing a single travel lane for residents and emergency vehicles.  During a snowstorm, plowing will continue in an effort to maintain reasonable access.  There are 26 townhouse courts in the community that need to be plowed; plows will get to each of the courts as quickly as possible.

Plow drivers will make every effort to avoid leaving snow ridges behind parked cars; however, there is no way to keep from leaving some snow behind the parked cars.  Sanding will be performed as necessary, either during or after plowing or as needed during ice storms.  Hills, curves and intersections receive priority on sanding.

Final plowing will be done at the end of the storm to widen roadways and clear parking bays which have open spaces larger than three parking spaces.  During a snow storm if you have a question or concern, please call the NFCA office at 703-451-8563 and leave a message on the answering machine or email [email protected].  Please be sure to include your name, street address, telephone number and describe the problem in detail.  The answering machine is monitored continually during storms and your concern will be dealt with as quickly as possible.  Please do not stop the plow drivers as this will delay getting the plowing done throughout the community.

If you’ve ever driven in snow you know that the snow and ice can make maneuvering a vehicle more difficult.  This is also true for the snow plows.  If you drive on a court before it has been plowed and you get stuck, you will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the snow plows to come onto your court and do their job.  Please let the plows and sanders complete working in the area before you attempt to drive off the court.

Parents are reminded that children should not be allowed to play in the roadway when plowing or sanding trucks are working in the area.  Children also need to be reminded not to play on or behind snow piles while sanding and plowing operations are underway.