Selling Your Home?

Property owners selling their homes in Newington Forest are required by law to obtain a Resale Disclosure Certificate and provide it to the buyer prior to closing. Please complete the form below to start the process. The Association will provide the Certificate to the designated recipient(s) within two weeks of submitting the request and the resale property inspection will be completed on Wednesday (please make sure the rear yard is accessible).

Only one for-sale sign is permitted on your own property. Directional signs are only allowed during an open house event and must be removed promptly afterward. Directional signs found on the common areas may be disposed of without notification.

The fees related to the resale certificate are to be paid when the certificate is requested and shall be the responsibility of the Seller.
  Once the Association receives the Certificate request, the fee will be posted to the Seller's account in Vantaca and a link will be emailed to make a payment online (if you're paying by check or money order, it must be delivered to the Association office).

The following is a list of the fees charged:
Transfer Fee $70.66 (payable to Gates Hudson)
plus one of the following fees depending on your choice of delivery method:
Electronic Packet Fee $385

(Certificate fee $175, Inspection fee $140, Financial Update $70)
Paper Packet Fee $420
(Certificate fee $210, Inspection fee $140, Financial Update $70)

Additional fees that may be charged if additional actions are requested:
Reinspection Fee $140 (Charged if a reinspection is requested by the seller) 

Questions about the Resale Disclosure Packet may be sent to [email protected]